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USNature Vietnam JSC

Since 2010, USNature has been distritubing and producing top quality health supplements and dietary foods in the Vietnamese market. Our products have been trusted by thousands of customers, from children to adults to meet their specific demands.

Our top products include Amlove DHA (pure DHA), Amlove D3 (vitamin D3 dropper), Pretiv lines (ideal for workouts and weight management), Bambomega (anti-aging products) and many more.

In 2010, USNature gained exclusive distribution for NBTY Corporation (USA) in Vietnam for various products such as Good N’ Natural lines which aims at natural products for health-conscious customers.

In 2020, USNature gained exclusive distribution for USNature America’s products in Asia. The company expanded to exporting and distributing medical devices and PPE across America and Europe.


  1. Amlove

Amlove products provide high quality supplements that support healthy growth for children from early start to teenagers. Our products range from vitamins to formulated supplements such as Amlove D3, Amlove DHA, Amlove Memory, Amlove Focus, Amlove Multivitamins and Minerals.

  1. Pretiv

Pretiv products aim to support healthy supplements for peak performance, fat loss, and explosive muscle growth in combination with complicated scientific evidience availabel up-to-date.

  1. Bambomega

Although aging is an inevitable part of life, most of us want to hold onto our youthfulness for as long as possible. Bambomega products aim to support healthy aging for most people. Following a nutrient-dense diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake are the best ways to support healthy aging and slow the effects of aging on your body. Scientists have identified numerous substances that may slow certain aging processes and help prevent age-related disease.

Bambomega products provide wide range of choices including vitamin E, L-theanine, rhodiola, astragalus, fisetin, and resveratrol which may support various aspects of health as you age.

  1. Liverativ

Liverative contains Milk thistle as the main ingridient, also known as silymarin, is the most common herbal supplement for liver problems in the U.S. Milk thistle extract contains approximately 50% silibinin , which is the active ingredient in silymarin. Silibinin acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicles that contribute to inflammation.

Liverative also contains unique herb blend of milk thistle, dandelion root and turmeric supports normal liver metabolic activity and function. It also offers antioxidant protection from free radicals.


  1. Distribution

For more than a decade, USNature has gained expertise and understanding of the local market which is ideal for international companies looking to enter the Vietnamese market. We are a professional team with years of experience in helping foreign companies establishing their first steps into the booming market of one of the world’s fastest growing countries. Whether it is a new product launch or expansion of existing product lines, USNature is the ideal partner that is trusted by major players such as NBTY Corp.

  1. R&D Vietnam’s traditional medicine

R&D is another service that we offer for international partners. As an established player in the health care market, USNature has been working closely with leading research institutions in Vietnam. We not only fund for future and promising research in health care but also participate in commercializing research results.